Hannah DeVaux

Hello! I am a 25 year old intuitive based out of Austin, Texas. I have been studying occult sciences for a little over a decade after I first got introduced to meditation at the age of 13. I started my YouTube channel in January of 2019 as a tarot card reader and quickly found success with my channel. 

I now help people create the life of their dreams and awaken them to the power of their mental focus. 


My mission in life is to assist in creating the ripple effect that drives human evolution to a space where everyone prospers. To push humanity in a direction towards world peace and a harmonious relationship with nature. 

I am simply a torch holder, lighting the flame of others so that they may feel inspired to do the same. This compounding of heroic souls over time taking initiative to better themselves is how we will achieve a better world.

One human at a time. 

A Little bit More...

In my free time I enjoy singing and music production - feel free to check out Hannah DeVaux on Apple Music and Spotify.

Aside from music, I take pride in my ability to indulge in all artistic mediums, painting, sketching, fashion design, photography, and writing are just some of the ways I unwind when I am not creating content. I also love taking care of plants and have a great many of them, (it's all fun and games until watering day rolls around!) 


However, one of my biggest passions is learning about aspects of human history that have been lost to our modern understanding. I aim to begin archeological studies in 2023 of various ruins across the globe that could hold puzzle pieces to uncovering ancient advanced civilizations. 

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