Affirmations For Manifesting Genius Level Intelligence

Updated: Oct 20

I am smart af

I am one of the most intelligent people to walk the face of the earth

People know me for my intelligence

People frequently tell me that I’m a genius

I enjoy having intellectual conversations above all

People are attracted to my genius

I am so skilled with everything I do

I am good at everything

I can sometimes be a know it all but people love it

I am confident in my intelligence

I am winning awards for my smarts now

I am one smart cookie

I am a genius

I am the reincarnation of all the greatest

minds in history

I am so thankful to have such a beautiful mind

I am confident and witty

I am a master of the arts and sciences

I am mastering my mind now

I am meditating everyday to expand my awareness

I am highly self aware

I am accessing higher level thought now

I am accessing psychic perception now