Affirmations for Manifesting Health

Updated: Oct 20

I am so thankful my body is in optimal health and function

I am seeing medical miracles happen to me and those around me

I am healthy and so is everyone around me

My good health blesses other people with good health

My health is so good I have a healing aura

I am eating all the right foods for my body

I am so thankful I am naturally drawn to good food that nourishes my body

I am able to easily attain my body goals

I am investing in my bodily aesthetics and health now

I am easily making necessary changes to maintain my body's health

I exude health and wellness in every moment

My doctor commends me for how much I take care of myself

I am now finding out that all medical issues are healed

I am immune to all disease

I am immune to all injury

I am immune to all parasites

I am so thankful to fully enjoy my life due to good health

Any ailment once present heals itself now

I am so thankful my food is my medicine

People are always asking me for dietary and health advice

I am moving my body every day

I am thankful I can be active everyday