Affirmations for Manifesting Travel

Updated: Jul 8

I am traveling freely

I am free to go wherever my heart desires

I am packing up for my dream vacation now

I am excited to travel to my dream destination

I am so thankful I can easily afford my dream vacation

I am so blessed to travel on my own and with friends

I am so excited to party while traveling

I am blessed to be able to splurge on my dream vacation buying souvenirs for myself and family

I am trying new foods and loving them

I am thankful to travel in luxury

I am blessed to sight see new places

I am filling my dream vacation with lots of desired activities

I can go anywhere I want in the world now

I am filling my passport with lots of stamps

I am exploring the world now

I am a globe trotter now

All my obligations and responsibilities are cleared for me to travel

I am having a smooth and easy trip

All of my belongings are energetically tethered to me

I meet all kinds of great people while traveling

I make lots of foreign friends easily

My sense of adventure is sparked and I feel called to explore

I am easily accommodated on my trip

I experience the absolute best customer service for my trip

I am immersing myself in the culture of my travel destination

I am researching my destination so I am fully prepared for my trip