Let's Talk About Soulmates & How To Identify Them

Updated: Jul 8

I feel as though this fascinating concept has been kind of skewed in many ways, and has become a crutch for people’s core wounds - fueling their codependency, their narcissism, their insecurities, their fear of abandonment, etc.

When the soulmate relationship is actually meant to be a catalyst for healing those core wounds.

This crutch comes from the idea that you only have a single soulmate, which is just not true.

You will and probably already have experienced many soulmates throughout your life.

Soulmate is just a label to explain the souls that agreed to come into our lives and assist us in making necessary adjustments to our energy in order for us to evolve into our best version.

Soulmates can come in the form of friends, family members, pets, and romantic partners, however - not all soulmate relationships are meant to be harmonious.

There's this massive misconception that I’ve seen floating around that claims your soulmate relationship will be this perfect union where there is no turmoil - only love, acceptance, and harmony.

And this is just not the case.

If anything, some of your most tumultuous relationships will be with soulmates. This is because soulmates often reflect our trigger points - or wounds that need to be healed in order for us to evolve.

Pre birth agreements

Before you are born, you congregate with a group of intelligent energy forms to plan out your experience on Earth.

If you want to know more about pre-birth planning, you should check out my video called “Why You Should Trust Yourself”.

During this pre-birth planning phase, you make agreements with other souls who are also interested in having an earth experience. These agreements vary depending on what your consciousness needs in order to expand, some contracts are manifested into brief interactions while others can transcend lifetimes.

Karmics, Soulmates, and Twin Flames

People in the community have this tendency to separate the soulmate idea into three differing subcategories - Karmics, Soulmates, and Twin Flames.

While this is fine, it is also important to recognize that they are all one the same.

They are all karmic relationships - because the agreements that we made with these souls before we incarnated are literally called karmic contracts.

I'm gonna segue into the twin flame concept for a second because I feel like this idea has become blown out of proportion and even a little bit limiting for consciousness expansion.

I personally feel like there is a very toxic aspect of the divination community that capitalized so heavily on this idea that they rely on it.

With tons of “twin flame” predictions which can keep people caught in unhealthy & abusive relationships, because they feel this person is their “twin flame”, as in the one person that they are “meant to be” with.

I definitely believe there are people out there who incarnate with a soulmate whose purpose is to be their life partner, and you could call these relationships “twin flame” connections if you wanted to.

With 7 billion people and counting, I also believe there is someone out there for everyone, and with that many people - there is a high chance you will meet at least a few souls who fit into the twin flame bracket.