Affirmations For Charisma & Beauty

Subliminals always work for me

My mind extracts all the benefits from every subliminal

I am seeing instant results from subliminals now

I am extremely charismatic

I am radiant

People fall in love with me instantly

It is impossible to dislike me

I am naturally commanding peoples attention with my presence

I am unapologetically myself

I am unafraid to take up space

I am confident in myself

I am open and welcoming to others

I am HIGHLY influential and can easily persuade others 

I am self assured 

I am valued

I am seeing that I am a high value person now

People treat me like I am high value

I am expensive

I am luxurious

I am easily stepping out of my comfort zone

I am generally an optimist

Life has turned me into an optimist 

I am grateful in every moment

I am embodying a natural caring energy that attracts others

I am treating others with respect and kindness

I am enjoying my conversations with others

People are enjoying their conversations with me

I am magnetic

People always want to be around me

I am a great asset to have around

I am an expert at socilization

I am always making a great impression on others

I am extremely eloquent

I am always knowing what to say in every moment

I am an excellent listener

I am happy to boost others up when they need 

I am making people feel like they are important

I am important

I am highly desired

My qualities and features are desirable now
My whole look is trending now

I am finding it easy to make eye contact

I am still, present, calm, and collected

I am speaking in the most perfect voice

I am always receiving a positive response from others 

I am blessed by aphrodite.

 I look like an angel

I have the body of a god/goddess

I look heavenly

I am always smelling amazing

People are attracted to my scent.

My skin glows like a diamond.

I have dewy skin.

My hair is like silk

I am perfect as I am

Everyone around me is blessed by my beauty.

I have a heart of gold and a diamond mind

I am healthy in every way possible

My lips are extremely soft

People dream of what it would be like to kiss me

My face is symmetrical

My body is symmetrical

I am able to mirror others

I am expressing appreciation towards people

I am expressing appreciation towards myself

I am expressing appreciation towards life

I am able to give gentle constructive criticism to others in a way that is loving and inoffensive

People enjoy talking and having conversations with you both in-person and online

I am effortlessly beautiful 

I am naturally beautiful

People dream about what it would be like to be with me

Everyone I like likes me back

It is so easy to fall in love with me 

I am the best version of myself

I am an icon 

I am a trendsetter

People are hypnotized by my beauty

Everyone loves me

I am adored

I am unique and inspirational

My voice entrances people

My aura is intoxicating in the best of ways

People cant stop thinking about me

I am impressing people 

I am a dream

My intelligence is easily seen 

My beauty is easily seen 

I am blessed with adoration 

I am blessed with charisma

I am blessed with intelligence 

I am blessed with charm

I am the human embodiment of rose energy 

I am the human embodiment of diamonds

I am purity 

I am angelic