Affirmations for Happiness

I am always seeing positive results from subliminals

I am releasing any resistance to happiness now

I am allowing these affirmations to impress on my subconscious now

All subliminals impact my life in a positive way

This subliminal is working wonders in my life

I am feeling happy now

I am secure in myself

I am immune to depression 

I am seeing an instant improvement in my mood after listening

This subliminal works like magic on my mood

My mood is improving now

Anything I was upset about is resolved now

All previous problems dissolve now

All previous dissatisfaction dissolves now

I am grateful

I am full of gratitude

I am living life to the fullest now

I am fulfilled now

I am happy now

I am excited now

I am consistent and steady in my mood now

I am seeing permanent results from this subliminal

This subliminal is my happy pill 

I am able to see the lessons within all events in my life

I am able to see the bigger picture now

I am broadening my perspective

I am seeing instant results now

I am a magnet for great experiences now

I am cheered up now

I am radiating good vibes

I am seeing the beauty in my life

I have a great outlook on life

I am happiness incarnate 

I am the sun

I am radiant with joy

I am oozing positivity

People in my life feel happier while around me

I make others feel special 

I am a healing force 

I am making the world a better place

I am seeing the fruits of my mental seeds

I have a positive mindset

I have a success mindset

I am generally in a good mood

Bad days never get me down

I understand that emotions fluctuate and negative feelings are temporary

I am seeing the silver lining in everything 

My angels protect me now 

I am an angel 

I am at peace

Life always works out for me

I belong

Life is sweet

Life is a melody

I have what I’ve been looking for

I am divinity

Life is the best now 

Life is radiant now

Life is bright now

I have so much to be grateful for

I am thankful now