Affirmations For Healing All Illness

I am so thankful my body is in optimal health and function

I am seeing medical miracles happen to me and those around me 

I am healthy and so is everyone around me 

My good health blesses other people with good health

My health is so good I have a healing aura 

I am eating all the right foods for my body 

I am so thankful I am naturally drawn to good food that nourishes my body

I am able to easily attain my body goals 

I am investing in my bodily aesthetics and health now 

I am easily making necessary changes to maintain my bodys health

I exude health and wellness in every moment

My doctor commends me for how much I take care of myself

I am now finding out that all medical issues are healed 

I am immune to all disease

I am immune to all injury 

I am immune to all parasites

I am so thankful to fully enjoy my life due to good health

Any ailment once present heals itself now 

I am so thankful my food is my medicine 

People are always asking me for dietary and health advice 

I am moving my body every day 

I am thankful I can be active everyday

I am getting optimal sun everyday 

I am engaging in activities that promote health and wellness everyday

My lifestyle is fit and active

I love my body and I love the number I see on the scale

People frequently compliment my body

People frequently tell me I look healthy

It is easy for me to stay in optimal shape for my liking

My subconscious mind seeks out sexual partners who are STD free

All of my medical results come back clean and normal

I am using my amazing health to give back to those around me 

I am actively focusing on my self care now 

My mental health is the best its ever been!

I meditate every single day and properly manage my stress

I regularly incorporate colorful fruits and veggies into my diet

I am feeling more inclined to cook for myself 

I am efficiently planning my meals 

I am abiding by a consistent workout routine 

I am improving my flexibility and my spinal mobility now 

I am incorporating super foods, supplements, and probiotics into my daily diet

I easily maintain a positive outlook on life

My skin is glowing and I am thankful to have a great skincare routine that works for me 

I am getting the perfect amount of sleep every single night

I enjoy substances in a healthy and balanced manner

I am finding it so easy to let go of any addictions to things that are unhealthy for me

I take pride in my great hygiene 

I am thankful that my body is healthy, clean, and glowing

I am mentally healthy now

I am the healthiest I’ve been

I am seeing my mental health improve now

I am feeling good about myself

I look in the mirror and love what I see

I am in love with life now

My mental health sees singificant improvements now

I am mentally healthy now

Everyone in my life can see the improvements in me

I am love

My mental health is top priority 

I am engaging in activities that improve my mental health now 

I am a miracle

I am making miracles happen right now

I am seeing miracles unfold in my life all the time 

I am so gifted in my ability to manifest

Things go my way now

I am incredible

I am the divine creator

I am the infinite 

I am open to the infinite possibilities of miracles

Mircales happen everyday

I am oozing miracle energy

People in my life are seeing miracles happen for them too

I am a magnet for good luck

I am a magical charm

I am worthy

I am deserving

I am thankful 

I am connected to Christ

I am connected to God

I am the best

I am number 1

I always get what I want

I am replacing want with gratitude 

Life gives me more reasons to be grateful everyday

Life is brighter now

Life is easy now

Life flows effortlessly in my favor

I am seeing mind blowing phenomena happen for me

Life happens FOR me

I am a powerful co creator

I am in harmonious partner dance with the universe

My universe only presents positive outcomes

I am optimistic now

Everyday is a miracle 

Life is enjoyable

I am living life problem free 

I am approaching life with optimism 

Optimism is my superpower

I am motivated

I am full of life

I am living life to the fullest

My existence is a miracle

Miracles are natural to me

Miracles are a regular part of my experience

I am fully purified now

I am cleansed now 

My chakras are cleansed now

My chakras are balanced now

I am seeing improvements in my life because my chakras are balanced

My root chakra is perfectly active

I am grounded to the Earth

I am belonging

I am deserving of being here

My sacral chakra is perfectly active

I am sexually healthy

I am creative now 

I am appreciating the sensations of being a human

My solar plexus chakra is perfectly active

I am empowered

I am confident

I am taking action towards my goals, dreams, and desires

My heart chakra is perfectly active

I am love

I am compassionate

I am appreciating myself

My throat chakra is perfectly active

I am fully expressive

I am honest

I am an eloquent communicator

My third eye chakra is perfectly active

I am intuitive

I am knowing

I am seeing clearly now 

I am thoughtful 

My crown chakra is perfectly active

I am a spiritual being

I am connected to all things 

I am full of divine wisdom 

I am a source of creation 

My chakras are healthy 

I am in great spirits now

I am oozing magnetism 

I am shining now 

I am a magnet for great experiences now

I always get what I want

Everything always goes my way 

This is my world

I am seeing just how powerful I am now