Affirmations for Marriage

I am seeing this subliminal work magic in my life now

I am believing in the power of my subconscious mind now

The following affirmations are only providing me with the best and most fulfilling results

I am married now

I am married to a loving partner

I am thankful to have married the love of my life 

I am marrying my ideal person

They are proposing to me now

We are planning the wedding now

We are preparing for our lives together

We are going on an amazing honeymoon

I look the best on my wedding day

I am taking so many beautiful pictures in memory of my wedding

All of my loved ones are sharing in the joy of my marriage 

I deserve their love

We are a perfect match for each other

They choose to devote themselves to me 

They choose to be in a healthy and loving relationship with me

They choose to be engaged to me now

They are ready to compromise for me 

They are a better person for me

They show me off to their family and friends 

They feel whole with me 

They commit to me 100% 

They are coming forward to me 

I am the one and only for them 

They choose to be with me forever 

They are making me their number one person 

I am their world 

I am their purpose in life

Our union is blessed

Our union is sacred

No person or thing can come between us

Till death do us part

I am a magnet for unconditional love

We are in a lifelong marriage full of love and trust

We are having the most beautiful wedding ever

I am making my dream wedding a reality

I have the perfect wedding

I am ready to say yes to their marriage offer now

They ask for my hand in marriage now

They ask me to marry them today

They are ready to marry me now

They are ready to be with me forever

They cry tears of joy because they are marrying me

I am their husband/wife now

They buy me the perfect wedding ring

They set a date for our wedding now

They are excited to marry me now

They are constantly thinking about our future together now

They are bringing up marriage more and more everyday

They are my husband/wife now