Healing Chronic Pain & Mobility Affirmations

I am allowing these affirmations to work magic in my life now

I am seeing instant results from the following affirmations

These affirmations are easily impressed upon my subconscious 

I am seeing evidence of these affirmations working in my body now

I am seeing permanent results from these affirmations now

I am healthy

I am healed 

I am full of gratitude for my healthy, able body

My body has healed all pain now

My body is pushing to new heights now 

My body is improving now 

I am more mobile than I’ve ever been 

My joints are letting go of all tension now

My body can relax now

I feel better now 

I am able to do so much more 

I am in love with the functionality of my body

I am so thankful to have a fully functional body

I am so thankful I am seeing my body improve everyday 

I love my body and my body loves me

My muscles are relaxed now 

It feels good to be in my body

I am so thankful for my body 

I am a miracle of Nature

I am a miracle of the Divine

It feels good to be me

I am thankful to be me

I am eternally thankful for my body

My body is a temple and I am seeing it now