Problem Solved Affirmations

I am solution oriented now

I am seeing easy solutions appear in my life now

I am allowing myself to be guided

I am stepping out of my own way

The universe is conspiring to help me now

The universe is making things go in my favor now

I am immune to trouble

I am immune to problems

I am living a perfectly easy life

I am opening up to salvation now

I am seeing new doors open now

I am witnessing miracles unfold in my life now

Luck is always on my side

I am so lucky 

The impossible is possible 

I am turning my lows into highs 

I am seeing life flow in my favor now

Circumstances work around my will

No matter how bad things may seem, everything always works out for me

I am cleared

I am unscathed

I am free

I have the strength to face obstacles with the knowing that they always work out for me

I am inspired to take action now

I am opening up to ideas

I am seeing solutions manifest for me now

I am carving a new path now

I am empowered now

I am a creator of miracles now

I have more resources than I know

There is always a way

Unexpected situations show up to support me now

I am strong in all circumstances

I am open to support now

I am open to receiving help now

I am always a great person 

I am loved by all 

I am seeing my problems solved now

Anything I was worried about, is taken care of now

I am allowing God to work It’s hand in my favor

I am accepting assistance

I am strong

I am seeing it through

Outcomes are always better than expected