Affirmations for Attracting Opportunities

I am seeing this subliminal work magic in my life now

I am believing in the power of my subconscious mind now

This subliminal works instantly in the way that i desire

I only attract positive experiences from the following affirmations

I am the opportunity

I am open and grateful to receive unexpected opportunities

I am instantly attracting large scale opportunities of abundance

I am seeing life changing opportunities appear in my life now

I am seizing the day

I am receiving the opportunity of a lifetime now

Opportunity easily flows to me 

I am getting the first pickings 

I am embracing new opportunities now

I am presented with the grandest, rarest, and the best of opportunities

I attract multiple opportunities at all times to all areas of my life

I attract good opportunities that will positively change my whole future

I always am at the right place at the right time

I am the first person everyone always thinks of when giving out opportunities

Everything aligns perfectly for me to get the most amazing opportunities

I am always fully prepared and ready to take the amazing opportunities I’m given

My life changes so much for the better with the amazing opportunities I receive

All areas of my life are being blessed with divine opportunities

I am a magnet for new amazing mind blowing opportunities 

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