Affirmations For Business Success

I am successful

I feel good about my business

Things are going excellent for my business 

My business is prospering now

My business receives mountains of success now

Everyone is talking about how great my business is

They all want to try my products now 

My business is the best now

My business makes me loads of money now

I can quit my job because my business fully supports my lifestyle

I am a full time entrepreneur now 

I am succeeding now 

Good fortune follows my business now

People are obsessed with my business now

They are all raving about my business

Everyone is telling me they are proud of me now

I am proud of myself

I am feeling good about myself

I look forward to wealth everyday 

Wealth is normal for me now

Success is a normal part of my life now

Prosperity is my middle name

Every moment is a new opportunity to succeed

All my business expenses are taken care of now

Life just always goes my way 

Life sets itself up for my business success now

I am networking with the top people in my industry 

Networking comes easy for me

Marketing is easy for me

I am a business wiz 

People are asking me for business advice now 

My 3D shows evidence that this subliminal worked now

My business prospers now

I am financially free now

I am a rich entrepreneur now 

I am setting up my business to get sales now

I am getting more clients with every passing day 

I am getting more sales with every passing day

My sales skyrocket now

I am overwhelmed with customer purchases 

5 star reviews every single time

I am a 5 star business

I am an established entrepreneur now 

I am a business genius now

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