Affirmations for Desired Personality

I am my ideal personality 

I am my ideal aura

I am my ideal vibe

I am my ideal aesthetic

I am acting exactly in my ideal way 

My actions fit my ideal personality

My style fits my ideal personality

My speech fits my ideal personality

I am my ideal traits 

I am my ideal habits 

I am my ideal skills

I am my ideal qualities

I am my ideal mindset

I am thinking my ideal thoughts

People see me as my ideal personality

People love my personality

I am seeing easy & desirable alterations to my personality

Any personality changing subliminal works easily for me

I am receiving full and permanent results from this subliminal 

I am shifting to my ideal personality traits in a nanosecond

I am only seeing traits of my ideal personality 

I am letting go of negative & limiting beliefs

My DNA changes in a nanosecond to fit my ideal personality

I am full of gratitude and joy for being me 

I am radiating love and good vibrations

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