Affirmations For Detachment From Obsession

I am detached.

I am balanced.

I am experiencing a healthy level of detachment from my desires.

I am free of need. 

I am self sustained. 

I am unbothered. 

Unbothered is my state of being.

I am easily letting go of obsession.

I am seeing results of my detachment.

It is easy for me to let go when it feels right.

I am at ease with what is.

I am detached from outcomes now.
I am letting go of neediness.

I am confident in myself.

I am supporting myself.

I am self disciplined.

I am the best.

I am turning the focus on me.

I am focused on my goals.

I am drawing back my energy now.

I am cutting cords of obsession now.

I am replacing my obsessions with constructive thoughts.

OCD has zero effect on me.

I am embodying confidence.

I am putting myself on the pedestal now.

I am seeing my manifestations speed up rapidly.

I am seeing movement with my manifestation.

I am more confident in my manifestation ability.

I am getting what I want now.

I am seeing results of my detachment now.

I am full of pure love for myself and all things.

I can let go of attachment because it is already mine.

My feelings of obsession are magically gone now.

I am secure within myself.

I am self regulated.

I have developed a healthy attachment style.

I easily let go of any past disappointments.

I easily let go of things I cannot change.

I am easily leaving the past in the past.

I am getting up from this subliminal and moving forward with full confidence.

I am disconnected from all energy vampires now.

I am fully present in each moment.

I am enjoying my human experience. 

I am free.

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