Affirmations For Escaping & Healing From Toxic Relationships

Freedom is my permanent state of being 

I am able to appropriately manage negative reactions in any way that I desire

Any victim blaming is cancelled

I am immune to guilt tripping 

I am free of all toxic people now

Toxic situations fall away from my life now

Anyone with negative intentions towards me leaves my life easily

I am only accepting genuine effort from this point forward

I am seeing through manipulation now

I am easily able to stick up for myself

People in my life stick up for me

I am supported in anything I do

Life is protecting me

I am finding feasible ways out now 

I am finding easy ways out now

I am connecting with my support system of people who care about me

I am successful in disbanding all unhealthy relationships

I am protected from abuse from this point forward

The highest forces in the universe protect me from all harm

I am protected from malevolent forces 

I am spiritually protected from demonic presences

I am spiritually protected from hateful people

I am free from physical abuse

I am free from mental abuse

I am free from all kinds of toxicity

I cut ties with toxic people now

I am having the courage to do what’s right

Any attempts to solicit compliance from me are dismantled

Any attempts to manipulate me and people around me using various means is dismantled 

Any attempts to gossip about me are dismantled 

Any ability to manipulate my life, personality, story, or information is dismantled

Any plots against me are dismantled

Any attempts to manipulate my choices, desires, options, & access is dismantled 

People and situations show up to support me

I am empowered 

I feel free now

I am free of any addictions

I am happily closing out old cycles

I am grateful to live the life I love

I am self sufficient on my own

I am secure within myself

I am a superhuman

I can do anything 

It is easy for me to release all addictions

I feel comfortable and at ease with the flow of my life

I don’t have to hide anymore

It feels good to not hide anymore

It feels good to express myself to the fullest

I am developing healthy bonds that replace old addictions

Isnt it wonderful that I am so safe and loved?

I am so grateful to have a solid support system

Life is rigged in my favor and I am seeing it now

Opportunity blooms into my life now

I am seizing the day 

I am taking full advantage of my time on this earth

I am feeling fulfilled with my life now

I am naturally high on life

I have a healthy relationship with mind altering substances 

I am full of gratitude for my life

I am enjoying the feeling of being present & clear headed

I am finding it easy to say no to peer pressure 

I have a strong sense of willpower

My solar plexus chakra is balanced now 

All temptations fall away from me now

I am living life to the fullest

I am waking up excited for my day everyday

The first thing I feel upon waking is gratitude

The last thing I feel going to sleep is gratitude 

I am healed from narcissistic abuse

I am healed from past traumas

I am putting the past behind me

I am focusing on the present and future

I am making self-care a priority

I know and trust my own mind

I am stronger than ever before

I am waking up every day with new strengths

I am overcoming any hardships in life

I am happy, healthy, and wholesome

I am accepting my individuality and unique personality

I am respected and well-liked by others

I am trusting myself completely as my life unfolds

I am self-determined

I am loving myself unconditionally

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