Affirmations For Evil Eye Protection

Subliminals always work for me 

I am always seeing incredible results from subliminals

I am allowing these affirmations to impress upon my subconscious

I am allowing these affirmations to work for me 

I am protected from jealousy

People who are jealous of me have no effect on me

I am shielded now

I am protected by the highest forces of the universe

I never let the haters win 

I am always a winner

Everyone who is jealous of me just keeps seeing me grow, expand, improve

I am protected from malevolent forces 

I am spiritually protected from demonic presences

I am spiritually protected from jealous and hateful people

People who are envious of me drop out of my life with ease

All the fakes reveal themselves to me now

I am seeing peoples true colors now

I am protected from any drama 

I am immune to slander

My reputation is always protected

People who hate on me expose themselves now

All my haters are exposed to everyone as haters 

People regret hating on me

People regret trying me 

No acts of harm can come unto me

No words of harm can affect me 

I am radiant 

I am confident

I am standing up for myself 

I am powerful 

I am safe

I am feeling safe now

My angels and spirit guides protect me 

I am protected at all costs

People who are jealous of me end up regretting it

People who try to hurt me end up regretting it

Everyone who has done me wrong gets their karma now

I am a force to be reckoned with 

I am strong
I am the universe

I am secure at all times

I am protected physically, mentally and spiritually 24/7

I am protected from any type of physical, mental, or spiritual harm

I have perfect physical, mental and spiritual health

People with bad intentions are always far away from me

I am only surrounded by people who are safe, have good intentions and are free from causing any harm

I am aware of my surroundings 

I am only interacting with kind and respectful people

I am living in a safe environment

I am never encountering people with bad intentions

I am safe and far away from dangerous people

I am always out of harms way

I am always in a safe environment

I am always safe when I go out

I am safe even by myself

I am protected from people who make me feel uncomfortable

I am setting healthy boundaries with people

All relationships I have with people are uplifting and positive

I am protected from toxic people

All negativity and toxicity are flushed out of my life

I am protected from negative energy and low vibrations

I am free of energy vampires

I am easily differentiating my emotions from other peoples

I am emphatically protected

I am immune to spiritual attack

I am immune to curses

My intuition is always accurate 

I am always manifesting desired results

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