Affirmations for Fame & Popularity

I am popular

Everyone knows me and loves me

I am a household name

People only have great things to say about me 

I have so many adoring fans & supporters

I am famous now

I am seeing my online presence grow quickly

My profile is blowing up now

Everyone wants to be my friend

People recognize me in public and say hello 

I am appreciated

My fame brings me many blessings

My fame opens up many doors for me 

I am protected from any negativity 

I am protected from haters

I am immune to haters 

I am responsible with my fame

I am developing my platform now

My fame brings me lots of success

I am getting famous very quickly

I am famous for good things only

People are constantly giving me praise

It feels so good to be this famous

It feels so good to be popular

It feels so good getting the support I deserve

I am confident

I am proud to be me

I am proud to do what I do

Blessings find me easily

I am chosen

I am a star

I was born to be famous 

I was born to be a star

Fame is my destiny

Fame is what is meant for me

I am well known now

I am everyone’s favorite now

I am living my dream life now

I am always getting what I want

Life is molding to my will

I am greatly liked

People want to see more of me

People want to get to know me

I am a great leader

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