Affirmations for Gut Health & Eating Healthy

This subliminal is an audible probiotic

This subliminal is easily balancing my digestive system

I am enjoying a healthy relationship with food

I am enjoying healthy foods now

All of my grocery items are so healthy and affordable

Anytime I go out to eat, I eat healthy

I am easily able to afford eating healthy

I am motivated to eat healthy

I am finding my own personalized diet that works for me

I am finding healthy foods that harmonize well with my body

I am finding easy ways to cook healthy for myself

I am enjoying the process of cooking 

I am feeling good about my body 

I am embracing new foods now 

I am open to trying new healthy foods now

I am open to liking new healthy foods now

I am letting go of pickyness now

My stomach is easily digesting all my food

I am having an easy time using the bathroom when I need to

I am immune to constipation

I am always hydrated 

I am able to enjoy the foods I like with no stomach issues

I stop eating after I am full

I am immune to eating disorders 

My stomach issues are healed 

I am including a wide array of foods into my diet

I am getting all my vitamins and nutrients 

I have perfect gut health

I am seeing the benefits of having great gut health

I am seeing my mental health improve as a result of my improved gut health

I am curbing any unhealthy cravings

I am easily finding healthy replacements for unhealthy food

I am easily letting go of gas and intestinal pressure

I am easily relieved of all stomach pain now

My stomach feels so much better now

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