Affirmations For Healing Addiction

I am clean

I am empowered on my own

I feel free now I am free of any addictions

I am happily closing out old cycles

I am grateful to live the life I love

I am self sufficient on my own

I am secure within myself

I am a superhuman

I can do anything

It is easy for me to release all addictions

I maintain a healthy level of detachment with everything

I feel comfortable and at ease with the flow of my life

I don’t have to hide anymore

It feels good to not hide anymore

It feels good to express myself to the fullest

I am developing healthy bonds that replace old addictions

Isn't it wonderful that I am so safe and loved?

I am so grateful to have a solid support system

Life is rigged in my favor and I am seeing it now

Opportunity blooms into my life now

I am seizing the day

I am taking full advantage of my time on this earth

I am feeling fulfilled with my life now

I am naturally high on life

I have a healthy relationship with mind altering substances

I am full of gratitude for my life

I am enjoying the feeling of being present & clear headed

I am finding it easy to say no to peer pressure

I have a strong sense of willpower

My solar plexus chakra is balanced now

All temptations fall away from me now

I am calling back my energy

I am restoring my body back to a state of balance

I am taking care of my body

My breath is all I need

I am seeing my life improve now

I am aligned I am healthy

I am being of service to those who have served me

I am living life to the fullest

I am waking up excited for my day everyday

The first thing I feel upon waking is gratitude

The last thing I feel going to sleep is gratitude

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