Affirmations for Luck

I am seeing evidence of subliminals working in my life

I am only absorbing good results from all subliminals

I am the luckiest person in the world

I am so thankful to be as lucky as I am 

I am a winner now

I am so baffled that I won

I am a full believer in myself and my abilities

The universe is always working in my favor

All these affirmations are being absorbed by my subconscious

Everything always works out for me

I always have extreme luck

I am such a lucky and prosperous individual

I am the luckiest person ever

I am so lucky

Being lucky is part of who I am

Being lucky is what everyone knows me for 

I am the lucky one

I am so loved

I am so blessed

I am favored by the cosmos

I am so prosperous

I always get everything I desire

I am attracting the people who will improve my life and happiness

I am only attracting good things

I am so lucky

I am the luckiest person in any room

I will always win prizes so matter

I am my only competition

I am always a winner

I am always winning every lottery and every contest

I am always getting free stuff

I am always attracting abundant things

I am so abundant

I am so fulfilled

My cup runneth over

Every aspect of my life is improving 

I am the best possible outcome in every situation

Me and all of my loved ones are incredibly lucky and abundant

The world is obsessed with bringing me abundance 

I am naturally attracting wealth, prosperity, and good opportunities 

Everything will always work out for me no matter what, it is law

I naturally and easily complete all of my goals and aspirations

The law works for me 

I am so confident in myself

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