Affirmations For Manifesting Your Wishlist

I am manifesting my shopping cart now

I am always getting what I want

I am buying all the clothes I want now

I am buying all the devices I want

My devices are always up to date 

I am excited to be able to replace my old stuff

My retail therapy is being satisfied now

I am receiving my items now

I am receiving 

I am spoiled by the universe now

I am receiving my items in the most unexpected ways 

I have all the stuff I could ever possibly want 

All the stuff on my vision board has come true!

All of my scripts have come true!

I feel so content with everything I have

I always have the newest and coolest stuff

I can truly enjoy my material things since I have found fulfillment within myself

I am respecting my manifested items

I am generous with my manifested items

Everything on my wish list was gifted to me!

I have it all now 

I am the person who has it all

I get everything I want 

I am getting what I want and BETTER

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