Affirmations For Miracles

I am a miracle. I am making miracles happen right now. I am seeing miracles unfold in my life all the time. I am so gifted in my ability to manifest. Things go my way now. I am incredible. I am the divine creator. I am the infinite. I am open to the infinite possibilities of miracles. Miracles happen everyday. I am oozing miracle energy. People in my life are seeing miracles happen for them too. I am a magnet for good luck. I am a magical charm. I am worthy. I am deserving. I am thankful.  I am connected to Christ. I am connected to God. I am the best. I am number 1. I always get what I want. I am replacing want with gratitude.  Life gives me more reasons to be grateful everyday. Life is brighter now. Life is easy now. Life flows effortlessly in my favor. I am seeing mind blowing phenomena happen for me. Life happens FOR me. I am a powerful co creator. I am in harmonious partner dance with the universe. My universe only presents positive outcomes. I am optimistic now. Everyday is a miracle.  Life is enjoyable. I am living life problem free.  I am approaching life with optimism.  Optimism is my superpower. I am motivated. I am full of life. I am living life to the fullest. My existence is a miracle. Miracles are natural to me. Miracles are a regular part of my experience.
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