Affirmations For SUPERHUMAN Intelligence

I am smart af 

I am one of the most intelligent people to walk the face of the earth 

People know me for my intelligence 

People frequently tell me that I’m a genius

I enjoy having intellectual conversations above all 

People are attracted to my genius

I am so skilled with everything I do

I am good at everything

I can sometimes be a know it all but people love it

I am confident in my intelligence 

I am winning awards for my smarts now 

I am one smart cookie 

I am a genius

I am the reincarnation of all the greatest minds in history 

I am so thankful to have such a beautiful mind

I am confident and witty

I am a master of the arts and sciences

I am mastering my mind now 

I am meditating everyday to expand my awareness

I am highly self aware

I am accessing higher level thought now

I am accessing psychic perception now

I frequently impress people with my intelligence 

I am the best problem solver ever

I am highly creative now

I am innovative and inventive now 

I am research oriented now 

I am a tech geek now 

I am a science nerd now

I am an artistic genius now 

I am a social genius now 

I can easily read and empathize with other people 

Even though I am highly logical, I also make lots of room for compassion

I am an expert in everything now

People are always asking me questions because they trust my intelligence

I have book smarts and street smarts

I am a well rounded person

I have so much knowledge about everything 

I know everything about everything

I am humble with my intelligence, there is no need for me to brag

My intelligence shows itself without me trying

I am highly analytical now

I spend my time doing smart people things

I frequently wow myself with my genius

I am smart

I am hardworking

I easily pass all my classes with straight A’s 

School is just so easy for me

All my teachers love me

I am the teachers pet

I am the class clown

Everyone loves me

I am adored

I love school & have so much fun there

My classmates love me & know I’m so smart

I always know what i'm doing

I easily have a perfect GPA

I have a balanced work life schedule

I organize my time correctly so that I dont get overwhelmed by my schooling

My school is completely paid for easily

I am graduating from my dream school

I have perfect attendance because I enjoy school and all my classes

I get perfect scores on all my exams

I dont know anyone as academically driven as me 

I easily impress people with my knowledge 

I easily memorize and retain knowledge 

I have so many smart friends to study with

I am going on cute study dates with other academically gifted people

I am glowing up for school 

Everyone is telling me how smart I am now
Everyone sees my hard working nature now 

My teachers frequently compliment my work ethic

I am frequently rewarded for my academic achievements 

I am a nerd and I am proud of it!

Smart is the new cool

I can easily pass my exams even without studying

I am always prepared for school 

I am always doing excellent on my assignments 

I’m joining my favorite extra curricular activity to unwind when Im not working on assignments

I am so blessed to have the perfect academic life

I am thankful for the many awards I receive for my academic success

Isn’t it wonderful that school is a breeze for me? 

Isn’t it wonderful that I am excelling now?

I am seeing my greatness now

I am seeing my intelligence now 

My workflow is efficient and I never experience burnout

When people complain about school, I can’t relate 

People pay me lots of money for my smarts


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