Affirmations For Creatives

I am exceptionally creative now

I am feeling instantly inspired to pursue desired projects

I am taking action on all the projects I want to finish

I am creating wonderful works of art right now 

I am so gifted

Everyone can easily see my talent and skill

I am always blowing people away with my work 

People are asking to buy my work now

I am actively making money from my art now 

I am thankful that art comes so easy to me 

I am thankful I am achieving my art career now 

I am thankful to feel artistically motivated now

I am a natural artist

I am trying new forms of artistic expression

I am immersing myself in my artwork now 

I am creating the best art the world has ever seen

My body knows that to do 

My hands know what to do 

I am receiving brand new art tools for all projects now 

I am easily able to afford all the art supplies I want

I am involved in a loving and supportive community of artistic people now 

I am innovative 

I am forward thinking

I am creating the next trends with my art now 

I am seeing the value my art brings to the world now 

I am so blessed with the divine gift of creativity 

I feel so fulfilled with my ability to express myself through my art

All of my past pain is channeled into my art now

My art has healed me now

My art has healed the world now 

I am so talented 

I am so thankful to be me 

I have a supernatural artistic gift 

I am the best artist now 

I am thrilled to be pursuing my art now

I am so excited to work on my art

I am getting things done now

I am productive now

I am creatively inspired now

I am coming up with everything I need to now

I am thinking up great ideas now

I am wowing the world with my art

Art is so easy and fun for me

I love my art

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