Dream Job Affirmations

I am hired at my dream job now 

I am the perfect candidate for any job I want

I am actively applying for my dream job now 

I am going above and beyond at my job now because I love it

Employers notice my vast array of skills and my work ethic 

I am easily piquing employer interest in me 

My resume is solid

I am thankful to bring necessary skills and experience to my dream job 

My dream job pays me a high af salary that grants me comfort and luxury

My dream job allows me lots of free time to decompress so I can be the best worker

My dream job offers me a sign on bonus as well as plenty of other bonuses and incentives

My dream job promotes me quickly 

I see an income increase now

My boss and coworkers LOVE me 

I am adored at my work
I am an expert at what I do 

I am an excellent networker

I easily make a great lasting impression 

Employers are begging me to work for them 

I have lots of options to choose from 

I have lots of negotiating power 

I confidently negotiate a salary that works for me and I get it

I love my job - it doesn’t feel like work 

There are TONS of opportunities in my field that are looking just for me 

I am being discovered by high paying employers now 

I feel proud of my new job

I feel proud of my promotion 

My boss feels compelled to promote me for my hard work now

My boss feels inclined to let me know how great of a job Im doing

I feel right at home in my job

My job provides a lot of necessary skills that I can use in other areas of life 

I feel properly taken care of at my job 

I get excited to go to work 

My coworkers are great friends as well 

I am promoted at my dream job now

I am hired on the spot 

Everyone is congratulating me on my new job

Everyone is congratulating me on my new promotion

I am frequently praised at work 

I am being provided all the tools necessary for my dream job

I am working at my dream job now

When people complain about their job, I find it hard to relate 

I feel an effortless motivation for my dream job

I actively feel a sense of purpose with my dream job, like I’m contributing to something bigger

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