Affirmations For Hair Health & Growth

I am healthy

I am beautiful

I am in love with my hair 

My hair is long and strong

My hair looks amazing now

My hair is frequently the center of attention 

Everyone is complimenting my hair now

My hair stays healthy all the time 

My hair is growing so fast 

My scalp is moisturized 

All hair and scalp medical conditions vanish now 

I am seeing hair miracles now

I have my desired hair color now 

My hair easily changes to my desired color

I am growing my hair long and strong now 

I am seeing my hair grow so fast

My hair feels healthier than ever

My hair looks healthier than ever

My hair is my pride and joy

My hair feels so soft to the touch 

My hair looks like I stepped out of the salon everyday 

I am in love with my luscious locks 

My body hair is at the level I want it to be 

I am doing regular hair masks and conditioning my hair so that is soft and strong

I am immune to split ends

Salon professionals are always telling me that I have the best hair 

I am affording top quality products for my hair 

I deserve the best hair ever

It is my birthright to be beautiful 

I am entitled to beautiful hair 

I love feeling beautiful with my hair 

My hair suits me 

My hair fits my personality

My hair is adding to my look now

I am immune to hair damage 

I am immune to breakage

I go to the top salons and barbers for my haircuts 

I am always satisfied with my haircut 

Everyday is a good hair day 

“I woke up like this”

I wake up everyday with great hair 

I walk out of my house looking like a supermodel everyday 

I have my desired hair length now

I am using oils and serums to keep my hair strong and healthy

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