Affirmations For Manifesting A Lover

I am loved

I am adored

Everyone notices how happy we are together 

Everyone I like likes me back 

If I obsess over someone its because theyre obsessed with me

Isnt it wonderful that the love of my life loves me so much?

Isnt it wonderful that I am adored

I'm so thankful to have an amazing lover

I am so thankful I always get who I want 

Thank you for romance 

Thank you for giving me the love of my life

I am thankful everyone I love loves me back

My partner overwhelms me with affection

My partner overwhelms me with obsession

My person is obsessed with me 

My person thanks god everyday for bringing me into their life

My person cannot live without me 

I am God’s gift to everyone in my life

It is impossible to not love me

My person is falling more and more in love with me with every passing moment

My person makes me feel safe

My person makes me feel secure

I am thankful to have someone who makes me feel safe and secure 

I get an overwhelming amount of attention from my lover 

Isn’t it wonderful that I have a lover who gives me just the right amount of affection? 

I am so thankful my persons love language aligns with mine 

I am so thankful I have an amazing lover who only has eyes for me

I am the only person my lover thinks about

They are so obsessed with me 

They are texting me now

My person tells me they love me now

My person confesses their love now 

My person tells me Im all theirs

My person commits to me now

I am the only person my lover wants 

Im so lucky to have such a faithful lover

I am all they think about now 

They are at my beckoning call now

They are calling me now

They blow up my phone now

I am receiving tons of text messages from my person 

I am so attractive to everyone 

I am emitting a loving glow that attracts people to me 

I am a 10/10 

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