Green Thumb Affirmations

My plants are healthy now

I am so in love with my plants 

My plants are beautiful 

I am living in my own personal house jungle 

I am so satisfied because I love all my plants

I am a great plant parent

My plants attract a lot of positive attention

I am taking care of my plants now

I am tapping into plant consciousness now

I am understanding of my plants needs now

My plants are healthy now

I am a plant god now

My superpower is my ability to empathize and care for plants

Plants love me

Plants find me

I am enjoying my lush garden now

Tending to my plants brings me so much joy 

I take care of my plants and they take care of me 

I am a plant mastermind now

I am a master of self sustainable farming

I am growing my own food now

I am raving about the benefits of growing your own food

I am solving world hunger now

I am immune to scarcity

I am abundant always 

I am healthy and my plants are a reflection of my good health

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