Affirmations For Sex Appeal

Everyone is attracted to me now 

I am loved

I am adored

I am so thankful I always get who I want 

I am God’s gift to everyone in my life

It is impossible to not love me

They are so obsessed with me 

They are texting me now

I am all they think about now 

They are at my beckoning call now

They are calling me now

They blow up my phone now

I am so attractive to everyone 

I am emitting a loving glow that attracts people to me 

I am a 10/10 

I am gorgeous

I am super fucking hot 

I am the hottest person in the universe

I easily attract the desired sex

Everyone is telling me how good I look now

All of my features are desired by everyone now

My skin is glowing 

I am glowing 

I am prefection 

I am the sexiest now

I see how sexy I am now

I see my beauty now

I magnetize everyone with my attractive features 

Anyone who is jealous of my beauty just falls in love with me instead

The goddess of beauty has blessed me 

I embrace the Venusian essence now

I embrace my most beautiful self now 

No matter what I’ve told myself in the past, I am sexy now 

No matter what people have told me in the past, I am sexy now

I am so good in bed

I have so much sex appeal, everyone desires me 

People I like always like me back because I am hot 

I easily arouse people 

I am desired

They crave me now 

My body is so sexy

I instantly turn people on

I am a sex icon now

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