Affirmations For Summer Glow Up

I am blooming this summer 

I am happy, glowing, and free

It is my harvest time 

My summer bounty is plentiful this year

It feels so good being me 

I am unbothered

I am living life to the fullest

I am investing into myself now

I am showing myself love now 

I am worthy of love 

I am physically seeing that I am worthy now 

The sun is good to me now 

Summer is good to me 

Summer feels nostalgic 

I am gaining only beautiful memories this summer 

Life opens doors for me just in time for summer

I am the sun now 

I am bright now 

I am shining now 

I am attracting my soul tribe now

I am attracting genuine people now

I am winning big now

I am seeing my progress now

I am seeing my awesomeness now

I can relax now 

I am taking care of myself now 

I am entering my god state now 

I am experiencing bliss now

All of the things that once troubled me are cleared 

My previous worries are gone

I am worry free

I am at peace

I am tranquil 

I am seeing all my seeds blossom into wonderful manifestations

Summer is so good to me

I am golden

I love feeling alive

I am having a glow up now

I am a leader now

I lead by example now

I am enjoying my manifestations now

I am enjoying life now

Life is easy for me

Life is always blessing me

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