Attract Your Crush Affirmations

Subliminals always work for me. My mind only absorbs the affirmations that I want. I fully believe in my ability to manifest.  The universe is always bringing me my desires. I am fully shifting my reality with subliminals. The universe is always working for me. I am attracting anyone i want. My crush already likes me back. They are completely obsessed with me. They think i’m the most beautiful person ever. They love everything about me. They know that i am the one. We will end up together. I am all they think about. My crush and I are meant to be together. They think about me every single second of the day. They like me so much. They have a crush on me. I mean so much to my person. They are so emotionally invested in me. We are meant to be. They love my personality. They love my face and body. They have such a deep desire to be with me. My crush and i always end up in situations together. Every conversation my crush and i have pulls us closer emotionally.  They are already mine. I feel so comfortable with them. We both feel so elated whenever we are with each other. We have so much sexual tension when we’re together. The universe is pulling us towards each other now. I am receiving love messages from my person.  I am being told by my person how amazing I am. My person is telling me now how much they adore me. I am living my perfect romance story with my person. My crush is now my partner. We are so deeply in love. My person is planning dates for us right now.  My person takes initiative to make their love for me known. My person shows me off. My person is so proud to be with me. My person is so turned on by me. When I wake up from my sleep I got so many messages from my person. I am seeing results of this subliminal working now. My crush is confessing their feelings now. I am the best. I am the perfect person for my crush. I am putting myself on the pedestal. My crush puts me on a pedestal. They kiss the ground I walk on. They think I am God’s gift to man. They love me now. They have always loved me. They are begging to be with me now. They are addicted to me now. They are dropping everything to be with me now. They are proposing to me now. I am confident now. I feel so good about myself knowing my crush loves me. My crush has become my lover. We are giving eachother sweet nicknames now. We are perfect together now. We are so in love now. We go on all kinds of cute dates now. We take cute pictures with eachother now. My love life is fulfilling now. I am so full of love. I am taken care of. I am supported. I am loved deeply. I am loved fully. I am loved eternally.
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