Divine Masculine Affirmations

I am the masculine. I am a leader. I am strong. I am grounded in reality. I am well rounded in my perceptions. I am taking initiative towards my goals. I am a hustler. I am putting forth my best foot. I am energized. I am a protector. I am embracing the masculine energies within me now. I am embracing my inner dominant. I am seeing the results of my efforts. I am KING. I am supporting my feminine. I am taking action. I am responsible. I am generous. I am structure. I am solving any problems easily and quickly. I am effectively overcoming challenge. I am observant. I am paying attention. I am awareness. I am rooted in the present. I am an effective planner. I am easily discerning . I am the decision maker. I am knowing of my worth . I am certain of my purpose. I am full of purpose. I am sexually healthy. I am disciplined. I am confidence. I am willpower. I embrace logic and reasonable thinking. I am assertive . I am loyal . I am trustworthy. I am the adventurer. I am supportive of myself and my loved ones. I am truth. I am capable . I am determined .
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