Financial Self Concept Affirmations

My money and existence bring me a lot of wonderful experiences in life. I get paid to exist. I get paid to thrive. Money comes to me out of the blue. I am rich for no reason. I am rich without working for it. I can use my money with freedom. I'm just naturally rich. My energy is rich and my creativity is rich. My bank accounts are extremely rich. Money just falls in my lap. I am absolutely thriving. I am in high demand. I am the best at what I do. I can afford anything I want. I literally get paid just to exist. Money comes to me from everywhere. I am born to thrive. I easily follow my passions. I am destined to be successful. My actions create prosperity. Everybody wants my service. Everybody wants to pay me for my creations. Everybody wants to pay me for the things I enjoy doing.  Anything I desire to get good at, I become great at. Manifesting a lot of money is so easy for me. I am literally a money magnet. I can easily manifest money out of thin air. I've always had a perfect relationship with money. I make more than one hundred thousand a month. Everyone wants my products. Everyone loves my products and services. Everyone loves my posts and creations. I love my business and I get paid for it. I am rich for no reason. Money comes to me from everywhere when I walk, sleep or breathe. I am making money in my sleep. Money comes to me from everywhere. My money is safe and rightfully mine to use. I always have a perfect relationship with money. I love creating a wonderful career out of my passions. I am so grateful and happy to be creating so much money from my interests and passions. I get better and better every day. I get richer and richer every day. I love starting and finishing my projects. Anything I want to do, I can accomplish well and excel at it. I love sticking to my goals. I know exactly what I want to achieve and I go for it. Every day, I wake up with enthusiasm and purpose to make the most out of my time. I am enjoying my life. I am highly productive and in love with my passion. I love to show up every day. I love to make progress. I am a conqueror and no one can stop me. Every day, I get better and better at being my ideal self. Every day, I get better and better at embodying my higher self. Every day, I get more and more self-esteem and confidence. Every day, my life has improved rapidly. Every day, my health is perfect. Every my mood and quality of life improves very rapidly. Every day, my lifestyle, and habits get better and better. Every day, my youthful skin glows brighter and more beautiful. Every day, my appearance gets more stunning and gorgeous. Every day, my experiences and social circles improve better and better. I make efficient moves every day. Every day, I naturally attract massive luck, massive prosperity, massive love, massive freedom, massive respect, and great-loving support from everyone and everything. Wonderful and blissful things just happen to me every single day. Great things happen to me all the time. I accomplish whatever I set my mind to, easily and all the time. I have so much love and self-respect for myself. I have so much dedication and stamina. I have so much love. I have so much peace and gratitude. I have so much to be grateful for. I have so much love and support from the universe. I am everyone's favorite. I am powerful. I can attract anything and anyone I want at my command. I can attract anything I want quickly and efficiently because I am a powerful manifestor.
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