Affirmations For The Millionaire Mindset

I am a millionaire now 

I am so thankful to be rich 

All my friends and family are asking how I did it

I am gifting my loved ones with abundance now 

I am seeing millions of dollars in my bank account now 

Having millions of dollars is normal for me 

I am blessed with a wealth mindset

I am seeing wealth in my life now

I am experiencing the lifestyle of a multi millionaire now 

I am financially free now

I am feeling good looking at my bank account 

I love seeing 7+ figures in my bank account

I am distributing my wealth intelligently 

I am the first millionaire in my circle

Everyone in my life is in awe of my riches 

My life changed instantly when I became a multi millionaire 

I am ecstatic knowing I can do whatever I want now

I am doing whatever I want because I am a multimillionaire 

I am so thankful to be able to be free 

I am affording everything I ever wanted now 

Everything I ever wanted is mine now 

I am always getting what I want now

I have made it now 

I am a winner now 

I am an instant multi millionaire now

I am enjoying my millions of dollars now

I am loving my wealth now

My wealth is under my name

My wealth is protected 

My wealth is exempt from taxes

I am using my wealth to build myself and others around me 

I am a multi millionaire now

I am owning multiple assets now

I am an excellent money manager now 

I am swimming in cash now 

All my dreams are instantly fulfilled now by my millions of dollars 

My wealth makes me feel confident now

I am living lavish now 

I am merging with my multimillionaire self now 

I am instantly shifting to the reality where I am a multi millionaire now 

I am a master shifter now 

I am a master manifester now

I am so thankful that I never have to listen to a money subliminal again because this subliminal worked for me instantly 

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