Subliminal For Legal Solutions

I am free. I am immune to man made law. I am respecting spiritual law. I am honoring the laws of nature. I am absolved of any previous crime. I am proven innocent now. I have legal immunity now. I am versed in legal verbiage. I am knowledgeable about my rights. I have the right to walk free. I am free of charges. My reputation is upstanding. I am respected in society. I am protected from the government. Jail & prison doesn't exist for me. I am invisible to the police.  I am invisible to the government.  My record is squeaky clean now. The law bends over backwards to cater to me. Law enforcement works for me. The law works for me.  Everything is flowing in my favor now. Everything always goes my way. I am the creator of my reality. I am walking free alongside my loved ones. My loved ones are free.  I am using my freedom to make the world a better place.  I am contributing to my community in constructive ways.  I am seeing charges nullified now. Case dismissed.  Charges are dropped.  I am seeing resolutions now.  I am winning my case. I am a winner. I am receiving financial compensation from the court. I am experiencing the best outcomes now.  The judicial system works in my favor. Good outcomes are present. I can be at peace because I am free.
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