Ultimate Self Concept Affirmations

I am unbothered

I am confident

I believe in myself

I ignore what the haters say 

I trust my will

I trust my skills

I am comfortable talking to others and I feel heard

My confidence shows in my body language

I walk tall and proud

I choose to speak up about things I am passionate about

I don’t believe in mistakes, only blessings and lessons

I successfully dive into my dreams with bravery

Negative self talk has nothing on me

I always feel inclined to extend a helping hand to others 

I am partaking in community

I am overcoming my fears now 

I feel confident that I am making the right choices

I ooze confidence

I am living life to the fullest

I am investing into myself now

I am showing myself love now 

I am worthy of love 

I am physically seeing that I am worthy now 

I am the sun now 

I am bright now 

I am shining now 

I am attracting my soul tribe now

I am attracting genuine people now

I am winning big now

I am seeing my progress now

I am seeing my awesomeness now

I can relax now 

I am taking care of myself now 

I am entering my god state now 

I am worry free

I am at peace

I am tranquil 

I love feeling alive

I am having a glow up now

I am a leader now

I lead by example now

I am enjoying my manifestations now

I am enjoying life now

Life is easy for me

Life is always blessing me 

I am productive 

I am producing the best work of my life 

I am putting out more effort than ever before 

I am known for being punctual and efficient 

I am known for my work ethic 

I am known for my work 

I am fully able to complete everything I need to 

I am working hard now

I am managing my time efficiently now

I am giving myself breaks when necessary 

I am working in a healthy and constructive way

I am going the extra mile now

I am successful with everything I do

I am finding success in all places

I am finding success everywhere I go 

I recognize everyone’s divinity along with my own

I am in a healthy state of mind 

I am poised 

I easily manage anxious or self deprecating thoughts

I magnetize opportunity 

I feel so much gratitude for the wonderful gift that is life

I feel loved

My confidence is warm and inviting

My confidence makes other people feel confident

I am a leader

I take accountability

I let go of fear 

I embrace kindness

I embrace success

I am fully purified now

I am cleansed now 

I am belonging

I am deserving of being here

I am creative now 

I am appreciating the sensations of being a human

I am love

I am compassionate

I am honest

I am an eloquent communicator

I am in great spirits now

I am oozing magnetism 

I am shining now 

I am a magnet for great experiences now

I am chosen

I am a star

People want to get to know me

I am empowered on my own

I feel free now

I am grateful to live the life I love

I maintain a healthy level of detatchment with everything 

I feel comfortable and at ease with the flow of my life

I don’t have to hide anymore

It feels good to not hide anymore

It feels good to express myself to the fullestI am taking full advantage of my time on this earth

I am feeling fulfilled with my life now

I am naturally high on life

I am full of gratitude for my life

I am enjoying the feeling of being present & clear headed

I am finding it easy to say no to peer pressure 

I have a strong sense of willpower

I am so thankful to have such a beautiful mind

I am highly self aware

I am accessing higher level thought now

I am highly creative now

I am granting all my own wishes now

I am a master at manifesting

I am a master manifestor now

Manifestation is natural to me now

I clear all blocks to my goal now

Everything I want falls in my lap now

Life feels so easy now

Life feels so special now

I am in love with myself 

I am on top of the world now

My life is my creation

My wishes become my experiences

My life is a whirlwind of miracles

My existence is a miracle 

I am seeing miracles now

I am a winner

I love being able to take care of myself 

I am thankful for my financial freedom

I am whole and complete on my own 

I love being self sufficient 

I am protected 

I am divinely guided by love

I am one with everything

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