Affirmations For Lucid Dreaming/Astral Projection

I am a master at lucid dreaming

I am the best lucid dreamer ever

I am lucid dreaming every night 

Life is good because i can lucid dream

I am learning everything there is to know about lucid dreaming and astral projection

I have OBEs often 

Astral projecting is normal and easy for me

I am always safe during my astral projection experiences 

I am meeting my spirit guides now

I am spiritually protected always 

I am able to easily create my dreams

I am easily able to create my life

I get excited to sleep so I can lucid dream

I am connecting with others who are good at astral projecting 

I am experiencing paranormal miracles now

I am able to connect with passed loved ones in the astral realm

I am excited to astral project

I always have fun astral projecting

I can leave my body whenever I want

I can come back to my body whenever I want 

I am immune to negative entities 

I am able to remain conscious while out of body 

My soul is powerful 

I am protected by the light of God

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